Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jesus Miracle

I want to share a very simple miracle done in the Spirit and in Truth.
When I accepted Jesus as the Son of God, I requested Him to show me our national hero Dr. J Rizal in Spirit and in truth, that means in reality and physical body and if I saw him, i will follow him, to what church he belongs I will be there also, to what examples he has shown, I will also try to imitate him. And I told God that I am offering a prayer and fasting on my request. True enough with God's word and promise..on the third of my prayer and fasting.. God showed me Dr. Rizal on the jeep I was riding on my way home. A voice told me in my mind...look at the person in front of you. The moment I stared at the man, I felt something if all my hairs raised up high and when I went down from the jeep.. i felt i was floating in the air 3 ft high above the ground. I continue to walk until i reached my house and went straight to my room and prayed thanking God for the wonderful experience He showed me. True enough you can raise the dead and I thanked Him because He let me feel what Transfiguration is all about. And I promised God that I will never leave the catholic faith. Remember Rizal was excommunicated by the Spanish priest during his time for a "cause". I remember the prayer in the beatitudes when God said.. blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Try it ... God never fails in His promise and His words.